Children as protagonists of videos, photographs, sound recordings, blogs, websites, little robots, scientific and technical artifacts, drawings, paper airplanes and kites, games of ground and water, soap bubbles, insects and spiders, stories of books and theatre. ..

Where children and adults meet and exchange culture

Children playing and collaborating protagonists in the society?

We could not do exactly that week full of exhibitions, video, theatre, meetings we would have liked, but we started with those who will be present and also with those who follow us from afar, a series of collaborations between local realities and other partners in Italy, Serbia, Spain, United States, Latin America. This is being designed specifically for the foreseeable future. From the small room of a small cooperative in the suburbs of Brescia...

Today, children play and their naturally "cooperative" action in spontaneous activities - rediscovered, re-launched, saved from social disintegration and "recognized" by adults - can, with active use of technology, leading directly to the production and sharing of information, locally as worldwide. Besides the forced competition and rampant consumerism, we can restart from the people and their real lives, perhaps to find a different harmony among people and with nature.

From children and acting in collaboration, a possible guidance for the future of all?

A possible answer to the cultural and market stereotypes

Meeting 2012

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17-23 June 2012

ONU Year of Cooperatives

International meeting “self made”, at the Cooperativa Lavoratori di Mompiano, to other real places in and around Brescia, as well as virtual ones, through the web, worldwide.

The group

With those who can not be present in person, but follow us from afar, we started to build a multimedia and multilingual "book" on the web, open to all those who want to cooperate.

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Sunday 17, Mompiano Workers Cooperative, Brescia, h. 15 -19

"Let’s play together one a year and a half of activity", readings, puppets, videos, a children's party, with the operators of the cooperative and surprise guests.

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19, Coop Vicinato, Urago d'Oglio; Wednesday 20 and Friday 22, Public Library, Bovezzo, h. 9 to 12 and 14 -16.30

Video and cartoons workshops with the Media Education Centre of Belgrade.

Thursday 21, Civic Hall Bovezzo, h. 9-17

Meeting-workshop-debate "Children possible protagonists of the information society", with participants from Italy and abroad and the launch of the book "Amici virtuali" by David Conati.

Friday 22, exact location to be specified, in Brescia, h. 17-19

Screening  of the videos produced during the workshops and other works such as "Spirit Ship" film of children by Kristin B. Eno, Brooklyn 2011.

Saturday 23, Mompiano Workers Cooperative, Brescia, h. 15 -19

Videos readings, entertainment, and participation in the event of street theater "The Great Migration" with La Corte della Carta

The scheduled events on 17 and 23 were canceled, after the Council of the Cooperative on June 11 denied the practicability of the premises. There remain other appointments, the international project and the collectivemultimedia "book" on the web.


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